Ropeable Ropes & Splicing commenced trading in early 2009 to satisfy a demand, in Victoria, for advice and the supply, at reasonable cost, of high quality rope and splicing products.

As well as several types and sizes of cordage (for several different applications), Ropeable Ropes & Splicing offers a range of products, from various well known suppliers, all at a reasonable price. The online shop is a natural extension of the intent to supply you with good advice and quality products when it comes to rope, splicing and associated equipment.

Customers, both in Victoria and other states, have responded positively to our services and the objective of the website is to satisfy the requirements of a broader range of customers within Australia.

We hope that this will benefit you, our customer, whatever your requirements may be.

Owner, Dean has been an active sailor for many years, with experience in both off-the-beach boats and keelboats. As well as being actively involved in sailing, before starting Ropeable Ropes & Splicing, Dean was involved in the marine industry, initially as a yacht mast builder and more recently, in the area of marine electronics.

Through experience on the water, with manufacturers, and in his loft, Dean has become an expert in rope and cordage. He has an understanding of the characteristics of the various cordages available in the market and the appropriate application for the several types of cordage available; it is over to you to take advantage of this knowledge, which Dean freely offers to customers.